Kid Fit

(Ages 3-12)

A high energy class creating a great cardio workout. This class includes many group games such as freeze tag and obstacle courses. Kids will burn off a lot of energy without realizing it because they will be having so much fun.

Kids' Tumbling

(Ages 3-8)

A fun, energetic mix of tumbling, flexibility, and balance techniques designed for young children. Kids are able to express themselves and explore what they are capable of in a safe fitness guided environment.

Open Kids' Studio Play

(Ages 2-10)

Children will have the opportunity to have supervised free play in the Kids’ Studio and use any available equipment including jump ropes, hula hoops, soccer goals and balls, and more! Class will not be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month due to a meeting in the studio. 

Preschool Tumbling

(Ages 2-5)

A tumbling class designed specifically for preschoolers that will focus on basic tumbling skills and exercises and activities to build upper body strength and increase flexibility. It will also include fun music and movement games including scarves, hula hoops, and more!

Wiggle Worms

(Ages 2-5)

Children will participate in a variety of activities to learn and develop gross motor skills, flexibility, and balance with music and movement.

Kids' Running

    (Ages 3-12)

    Children will build their cardiovascular endurance through a variety of outdoor and indoor running games, drills and exercises.

Kids' Yoga

    Children will learn yoga basics, rather than memorizing and perfecting asanas and routines. These basic yoga techniques over time introduce the child to relaxation and self-control. Yoga breathing techniques can also be taught at this young age. Kids' yoga also take the form of a game involving imitating, playing, singing, and moving. Many yoga postures are names after plants and animals and resemble them. By imitating animals, children can learn and perform basic yoga poses.


Kids' Fitness Schedule

All kids’ fitness classes are included in the price of the monthly childcare package; otherwise, kids’ fitness classes are $5 per class. No call - ahead sign up is necessary.

All children must wear appropriate footwear for activities.

Kids Adventure Station

Monday - Thursday:    8AM - 12PM     4PM - 8PM

Friday:                          8AM - 12PM     4PM - 7PM

Saturday:                      8AM - 12PM

Sunday:                        12PM - 4PM