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Marvin Eichorn

Marvin Eichorn

Marvin Eichorn has a lot of numbers in his life. He's the father of three children. He sleeps about five hours a night. He has run at least six miles a day during the week for many years (and normally 10 on weekends) - at one point he maintained a streak of 9 and a  half years without missing a day. He's also executive vice president, chief operating officer and corporate treasurer for Mountain States Health Alliance. His responsibilities include oversight of all 13 Mountain States hospitals, the retail and ambulatory divisions.

"My fitness routine allows me to set the tone for the remainder of the day, and that's why I like to get it done early," Eichorn said. "A good amount of exercise makes me more alert at work, and I hope it increases my longevity. I just feel better when I have a good workout under my belt."

Eichorn is a member of The Wellness Center (The WC), where he does his morning runs and takes fitness classes. He started using the fitness center after his son turned 16. Then another member of The WC approached him to take a class with her, and since then he has been recruiting other members to take classes with him.

He uses the phrase "fitness family" to describe the camaraderie among The WC members. "In the classes you cheer each other on, you challenge each other, and it makes the class more enjoyable when you are with friends," Eichornsaid. "It's as though 40 of my best friends are there. We all know each other, and if someone is not there we ask about them. I can get my workout in, and I catch up with friends at the same time. The WC is my second family."

Taking the "Cycle" and "Double Trouble" classes with Holly Harris are two other mainstays in Eichorn's routine. He shares, "Holly's classes help me push harder than I would on my own, and she holds everyone accountable while making sure we use proper form."

For those who are thinking about how they can improve their health, Eichorn recommends finding a routine that works for them. "My routine isn't normal," he said. "But I worry about people who don't exercise at all. I'd advise them to look for something they like to do, and get in at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days a week. And I would love to see more people experience The WC!"

A healthy exercise routine offers benefits that can lead to improved health and wellbeing. The WC is here for those - like Eichorn - who are striving to reach their personal goals and enjoy the best health possible.

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